Saturday, 9 June 2012

HPS Season 3 :: Day Two

I didn't think it was possible, but it was even more fun hosting with another soul. Especially one as articulate, clever and entertaining as Jonny.  We got four more episodes in the can today.  My two favourites were Why Does God Hate Me (written/directed by Joel Ashton Mccarthy) and Ben Voyons, Camille (written/directed by Carole Ducharme).

I couldn't' find Why Does God Hate Me online, but I did find Ben Voyons, Camille.  It's an adorable, true-life story about a girl who gets her period and tries to hide it because she a) doesn't want to grow up, b) lives in a house of fools.  Check it out.

Some snapshots captured throughout the day...


  1. Thank you for your Kind words about "Why Does God Hate Me?" We will probably have it online this coming fall.


  2. My pleasure, Joel! Great work!